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Care and Rates
The peace of mind in a body having found the purity and elasticity of the skin gives youth and radiance. To obtain this well-being, this revitalization and this deep regeneration, Dr. Joël Filori, designer of the SPA, puts his specialty medicine skills at the service of the protocols of care applied to healthy people.
Skin physiology, Chronology of sequences, Specific properties of natural products: nothing is left to chance! All our treatments, from the smallest to the largest, go through a Hammam ritual with skin scrub, more or less extended, depending on the chosen formula.
This cleansed skin, detoxified, will be receptive to the envelopment to the products of the "Magies d'Afrique" range, exclusive to SPA Karité. A tropical rain with citrus smoothing precedes drying by manual tamping.

A- African passport: (1h 15 minutes)

Lasting one hour and fifteen minutes, at the price of 40.000 Fcfa , this treatment includes a common protocol and authorizes 3 variants according to the request of the curist with, with the choice, 20 minutes of:

  • manual massage for relaxation
  • balneotherapy for modeling
  • light path for thinning

Provided with a dressing gown and bath towels, the treatment will start with a hammam , in a warm and humid atmosphere scented with essential oils for detoxification, will continue with a scrub with black soap, practiced by our Therapists, a multijet shower will finish removing impurities from the skin, before a second passage in the hammam completes the opening of the pores which, of course, will absorb the exclusive preparation of SPA Karité from our personal care line. Africa where shea butter, baobab oil, aloe vera will join the coconut milk, extracted on site, to nourish and regenerate this skin, purified and detoxified by the scrub. When all has been absorbed to saturation, it is the tropical rain and citrus smoothing that eliminate the excess of this wrap to make way for the chosen option: massage, or balneotherapy, or light path. The relaxation will follow, on a water bed, or over-rest on a chaise longue Le Corbusier, a glass of pineapple juice, centrifuged at the beginning of the session, in hand...

B- Trip to Africa: (2h 30 minutes)

Harmonie protocol, from 2h 30 minutes, at 70 000 Fcfa, declines different scrub recipes according to the regions treated, combining exclusive preparations where: shea butter, salt of the ocean, honey of the Atacora (from North Benin), Savé brown sugar, black soap, coconut powder and shea nuts, combine their advantages for a perfect result.
The scrubs ideally prepare for successive wraps affusion table: fresh fruit pulp, emulsion "Magic of Africa" where baobab oil, palm kernel oil, shea butter, Aloe Vera operate their work of rejuvenation. It is, protected by fresh banana leaves, that you will be subjected to the impulses of the ten showers, launched successively, on your green box.
The tropical rain and the manual citrus smoothing will precede, after drying by tamponade, the 40 minutes of manual massage of the vertebral column and the two lower limbs for your total abandonment. Then comes the phase, oh so essential, of relaxation , your fruit juice, centrifuged for you at the beginning of care, by hand...

C- Great shea care: (3h 30 minutes)

As for the 3h 30 min Shea Care at 130,000 Fcfa per hour, beyond the previous "Trip to Africa" protocol, will include, in addition:

  • 20 minutes of light path intended to create a molecular agitation of the subcutaneous cellular tissue to detoxify and drain deeply;
  • 20 minutes of balneotherapy remodeling cellulite and roundness and relaxing for sore muscles;
  • 20 minutes extra massage of feet, hands, head and face

... so that happiness is totally accomplished. This Great Shea Care allows, moreover, to benefit, for the first time, from the discovery of the innovations in the range "Africa Magics", exclusive line of SPA Shea whose products will be offered to you to prolong, at home, the benefits of your Great Shea Care.

D- A la carte Cares:

  1. Hammam and diffusion of essential oils
  2. Scrub with black soap
  3. Scrub with shea butter, sea salt, honey from Atakora, and red sugar from Savé
  4. Application fresh fruit pulp and shea emulsion - baobab - aloe vera
  5. Tropical rain and citrus smoothing
  6. Affusion table and wrapping of banana leaves
  7. Manual massage
  8. Light path
  9. Balneotherapy and hydromassage
  10. Relaxation-facial-fresh fruit juice

Descriptif of care:

1. Hammam and diffusion of essential oils

The ritual of the hammam has a major psychological and physiological action in the context of relaxation and well-being. Returning to a warm, humid primordial cavity bathed in soothing scents immediately creates a break with the outside world. The mind calms down, the body relaxes, the skin opens and releases waste by its pores which dilate. At Spa Karité, time stops, only the chronobiology and the individualities of each determine the duration: sweating, refreshing shower to prolong the well-being, deep and soothing breathing by the choice of the essential oils diffused thanks to the steam generated by the hammam.

Au Spa Karité, le temps s'arrête, seules la chronobiologie et les individualités de chacun déterminent la durée : sudation , douchette rafraîchissante pour prolonger le bien-être, respiration profonde et apaisante par le choix des huiles essentielles diffusées grâce à la vapeur générée par le hammam.

2. Scrub with black soap

This scrub is an indispensable follow-up to the ritual of the hammam. Indeed, to be effective, and actually remove without pain the cells resulting from the desquamation of the skin, the opening of the pores and the major hydration of the dermis are unavoidable. In their concern for extreme rigor, the therapists of the Spa Karité, themselves enter the hammam, to perform the scrub in the most efficient and complete manner using the plant structures of loofa, loofa gathered on the tree neighbor, dried and shelled at the Spa itself, the seeds being returned to the environment for the sustainability of natural production. The body is thus systematically erased with black soap produced in Benin by the cosmetology company Natura. A rain shower, refreshing and beneficial, will participate in the sensation of purity and well-being induced by the scrub.

3. Scrub with Shea Butter, Ocean Salt, Atakora Honey, and Savé Red Sugar

This scrubbing protocol takes place in several stages:

  • initial hammam ritual to open the pores
  • installation on wooden table to be manually erased by our therapists with an original composition specific to shea butter shea butter to protect the skin, honey Atakora to soften and perfume, coconut milk for feed it and give it velvety and shine, savé brown sugar to achieve a gentle abrasion of the superficial cells while the aloe vera gel extracted from the plant will eliminate any inflammation that the friction could result.
  • rain showers to be ready to return
  • a second time in the hammam and join the scrub protocol with black soap to ensure the perfect finish of the skin softening
  • a third period of hammam aims to dilate the pores in the case of subsequent wrapping.

4. Application of fresh fruit pulp and shea emulsion - baobab - aloe vera

This skin, perfectly purified, perfectly freed from all its waste, with open pores, with its subcutaneous tissue very vascularized thanks to the heat of the hammam, will be ideally receptive to the applications of fresh fruit pulp obtained by centrifugation, carried out by our care at the beginning of the session to preserve all the vitamins and nutrients.
It is with great thirst that this skin will be filled with what is offered to it, and, it will also feed, more substantially, with the exclusive emulsion at Spa Karité, from our line "Magies d 'Afrique Which combines the active ingredients of shea butter, baobab oil and aloe vera.
The quantities used are such as to completely saturate the cutaneous receptors, and the excess will be removed by manual tamponade so as not to "scratch" the protective film formed, and only if the care is not accompanied by that of tropical rain with citrus smoothing.

5. Tropical Rain and Citrus Smoothing

A portico of bamboos will flood the entire body of the curist into lukewarm, soft rain, which will feel the fluid mixture of excess emulsion and beneficial rain trickle down on its skin.
The pores of the skin will be closed again on their precious care, and it is manually that a careful smoothing will be realized by our therapist to revive the radiance of this regenerated epidermis.
Once the smoothing done, a new tropical rain, followed by manual tamponade by our therapists, will complete the quasi - ritual purification of this treatment.

6. Affusion table and wrapping of banana leaves

This great care, in our protocol harmony of 2H 30 minutes, follows the scrub in its most complete form, and it is directly on the affusion table, elongated (e) on banana leaves, that the pulp fruit will be applied all over the body before it is completely covered with other banana leaves.
It is in this vegetable box, that we will receive the freshly felt impulses of the ten handhelds of the table, deliciously protected by the banana leaves which will release their own perfume, which will mingle with the scents of the pulp. of fruit.
The mechanical effect of the impact of the pulsed water will favor the penetration of the fruit pulp in the pores still dilated by the recent heat of the hammam. Without going into great principles of human and dermatological physiology, the very aqueous nature of this fruit pulp will be a factor of great absorption of all the active ingredients of the fruit chosen for the care of the day.
The banana leaves removed, the therapist will eliminate excess fruit pulp before manually applying the emulsion shea - baobab - aloe vera - coconut milk, which by its antioxidant properties, regenerating and trophic, will be valued by the same impacts through the banana leaves only in the previous step.

7. Manual massage

Whether it is global or segmental, manual massage at Spa Karité follows the principles of therapeutic massage.
The techniques used are those of masso - physiotherapy, applied to people in good health.
The protocols owe nothing to the exoticism and they use the techniques of effleurage, deep sliding pressure, kneading, friction, hatching, whose control allows an individual and personalized adaptation to the curist who benefits.
Therapists were trained in these techniques by the physical medicine physician who created the Spa. The duration, according to the protocols, is twenty minutes to one hour.

8. Illuminated path

Light therapy obeys the principle of molecular agitation in the subcutaneous cellular system.
This agitation in the subcutaneous tissue mobilizes areas with little exposure to tissue exchange, such as cellulite, and thus promotes drainage through the lymphatic system of this accumulation substances that often generate "capiton".
By a thermal effect, and by this agitation, the anti-cellulite process is initiated, promoting the thinning and remodeling of the silhouette.

9. Balneotherapy and hydromassage

The equipment of the Karité Spa, under a conventional Jacuzzi aspect, is equipped with high-pressure pumps, a high-volume air generator, a professional electronic medical management module for hydromassage and the aeromassage, which provides spa guests the "ultimate" in balneotherapy care. Specific essential oils are chosen for the complementarity that they bring to the protocol implemented.

10. Relaxation-facial-fresh fruit juice

Whether at the end of the complete care protocol, or in an isolated way, Le Corbusier lounge chair relaxation, in an over-resting position, facing the lagoon and the "fetish island", or on a bed water, in order to feel floated, free from gravity in his body and mind, is unavoidable.
Whether with a tamponade by a warm chaplain who will diffuse the floral water on the face, or, thanks to a soothing and moisturizing application that will prolong and amplify the well-being of the relaxation, all will be done to obtain calm and the voluptuousness in the natural luxury of the place.
The fresh fruit, which will have been centrifuged at the time of your arrival, will release its flavor, its vitamins, its active ingredients, for your greatest pleasure, and will be served to you in this atmosphere of serenity and detachment.

Terms and Conditions

Business hours:

From 9h to 19h and by appointment, 7/7.


We recommend that you book your treatment in advance to ensure that the chosen schedule and protocol will be available.


  • Any cancellation 24 hours before the scheduled time of care will not result in any charge.
  • Cancellations less than 24 hours before or no show will require the payment of 100% of the treatment.

Behaviour and Restrictions:

  • The atmosphere of our SPA requires tranquility and relaxation.
  • Thank you for respecting this desire of all curists: serenity and confidentiality.
  • The minimum age for unaccompanied access to care is 18 years old.
  • Alcohol, tobacco, cell phone, food will be found at the exit.
  • Unacceptable behavior towards our staff will not be tolerated and will immediately terminate the session without any refund.
  • Thank you for informing us of any health concerns when booking: allergies, injuries, pathologies, etc ...
  • Hygiene: our equipment is cleaned with antiseptic products after each use.
  • Thank you for not carrying any valuables whose loss or damage we can not guarantee.
  • SPA Karité declines all responsibility for any injury or accident to any guest or customer.


The original and exclusive "Magies d'Afrique" line will be available at the reception.


The privileges and discounts (applicable on the single full rate) are usable exclusively outside the periods of special events (Christmas, Easter, etc.).